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Community bookings in the months of June July September March

Join us in helping the local community!

Since the beginnings of this inspiring project, Mafia Island Lodge has been supporting Karibuni Onlus, a non-profit organisation that has been running in Mafia since 1997.

The goal of Karibuni Onlus is to aid the local community, and some of the projects that have been implemented include sponsoring children through school, micro-project fundings, building water wells, and the construction of a new primary school as well as a health care unit in Utende village.

We have decided to further increase our support of Karibuni, and we invite you to join us in this effort, as we believe that small organisations managed by people that are directly involved, and dedicated to the cause, can really make a difference.

By choosing to stay at our Lodge in the less crowded months of the season (June, July, September and March), you can combine a vacation in one of the most pristine environments of the world with invaluable help to the local community - without any additional cost! We will donate a percentage of the price of your trip to Karibuni, to support them in completing their current projects, and in implementing new ones.

During your stay, you will be warmly invited to visit the local community and see for yourself how our donations are being used to improve school, health and working standards...a wonderful way to ensure that your stay ignites a real connection with the people, the landscape, the culture, and the environment.
Three visits will be organized during your stay, and a local operator will show you Karibuni's projects implemented in the Utende area:
The School and the Health Unit
The micro-credit projects
The well

Please mention “Community bookings” when asking for availability in the above mentioned months.

Contact reservations@mafialodge.com for further info.

Click HERE to visit Karibuni Onlus web site (www.misaada.it)
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